*NEW* Our Ultimate Guide to Branding Design

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IT'S HERE! Our Ultimate Guide to Branding Design. If you are a budding designer who is hoping to learn more about branding design, then you have come to the right place. Our course includes over 100 pages of valuable content along with a brief to follow - putting everything you learn into practice. Also, as a bonus you will have access to a selection of mini videos that we have created to show you how we made a few of our designs.

The Course Includes:

  • A 100+ page PDF
  • Access to a selection of mini videos
  • A design brief to follow along with
  • You'll learn:
    • Our entire branding process
    • Brand Purpose & Values
    • How to define target audience
    • Tone of voice & brand personality
    • How to create a mood board
    • How to find your visual direction
    • The brainstorming & sketching of concepts
    • How to work through the entire design process
    • How to work through the entire logo design process
    • Concept selection
    • Basics of typography & it's anatomy
    • How to choose your typography
    • Typographic heiracy
    • Understanding colour, theory & psychology
    • How to create a flexible palette
    • How to create stand out brand graphics
    • Choosing your photographic direction
    • Looking into brand extra's & how to apply them into real life designs
    • Social Media designs
    • How to present your brand concepts
    • Creating deliverables & brand guidelines
    • How to sell yourself online
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You will need basic design knowledge and access to a vector editing program (we use Adobe Illustrator throughout the guide & Photoshop for mock-ups)

100+ Page PDF
A selection of mini videos
Showing you exactly how we created a few of the designs that you will see throughout the course
Our Branding Process
Looking at Brand Strategy
Creating a Visual Direction
The Entire Logo Design Process
Choosing your Typography
Colour Theory & Choosing your Palette
Looking into Photographic Direction
Creating Brand Extra's & Mock Ups
Social Media Designs
How to Present Your Concepts
Creating Deliverables & Brand Guidelines
How to Sell Yourself Online
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*NEW* Our Ultimate Guide to Branding Design